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You are essentially helping spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond Sunday services, with residual income. We're giving those who respond a clear opportunity to "Test and be Blessed". Our reason is: many denominational leaders are asked to participate in different income generators, from all sorts of companies, even those which their members have joined.

With your help, this ministry of sermons will be accessed by those you contact, at NO RISK to you! NO MONEY DOWN! NO INVENTORY! NO SCAM! This is primarily an online service superior to those where the money flows away from you instead of towards you.

Here are a few stellar suggestions: * Don't seek to promote yourself to everyone. Keep confidential. * Contact your collection of preachers in your files or from wherever acquired. * Don't overlook bible school attendees or those ministers with speaking assignments. * There are lots of Church Conferences - discreetly exchange your card for future use. * Some have developed acquiring contacts using a "business card box" i.e. in bible bookstores - even bible schools (by permission of course). * Traveling Evangelists make great affiliates. *Refer to our "IMPORTANT" Agreement Below.

This site is designed for Pastors, jr. Pastors, Evangelists, Bible School Attendees, Ministry Leaders, and can be used for revivals, crusades, mid-week services, men and women ministers, special day occasions, etc.


Please view our non-denominational site now, with full-length sermons, ready for presentation, ( Partner with us and reap the profits.

  1. Use your 'General'Affiliate Link' for emails.
  2. Use "Direct URL" for webpages, blogs, social media.
  3. The system tracks YOUR visitors.
  4. All orders will be registered as a sale for YOU.
  5. You will receive commissions.
  6. That's it! You send us business, we send you money! You can see whatever transactions at all times through your panel.


    We do have some basic ground rules for the program, so please read before signing up:

    • All affiliates will have a "Direct URL" (1) This protects against removing your media link. (2) Preachers keep their sermon sources private and confidential. (3) You MUST be confidential too! (4) NO divulging of texts or themes should be made, even if preached in your presence. (5) Not every preacher or denomination will be interested; (begin within Your Faith).

    Participants violating or attempting to circumvent any of our 'General Rules' risk all affiliate credits and may not receive payouts. Additionally, could be banned from further participation in our affiliate program.


    Registering your account couldn't be easier. You can begin referring business for increased 'cash-flow' sooner than you think.

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    I agree that promoting custom text(s) from the company REVERENDSOURCES, LLC may not be reproduced in whole or in part by me, in any form or manner whatsoever, or stored in an electronic storage system for commerce purposes, at any time, prior to an express written permission of the company. Copying any part of this/these custom text(s) for any purpose other than the intended manner suggested by this company, REVERENDSOURCES, LLC is a violation of my agreement and may incur civil and criminal penalties. It/they - is/are prepared for my personal promotion/presentation and I understand that in my express agreement I am to take the necessary steps to protect them from personal or commercial redistribution in any form by all other parties.